Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas coals

Kristin laughed about my remark that bad boys and girls would get copies of my books for Christmas instead of coal. The reason I thought of that is because we sell "Official Lumps" at the railroad as a Christmas gag. What makes them official is that I shrink wrap them so you don't get your hands dirty. You can just pick up an unofficial lump lying along the tracks, but you will get smudges.

This past year, I realized that we have over 200 old videotapes of trains -- videotapes, not DVDs -- and no matter how low we mark them down, no one buys them. That is because not all that many people have VCRs anymore. So I thought of suggesting that people buy them instead of coal to put into the stockings of naughty children. It would be a nasty present for just about any kid. A kid who doesn't like trains wouldn't want it, and any kid who does like trains most likely wouldn't be able to watch it.

So it might be with my books ...

On the other hand, someone just bought a copy of the Elijah book.

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Sunny said...

Giggle*......I make a dark chocolate fudge that I shape into "lumps of coal" and serve at our Christmas Eve party.
i'd rather have a book...I'd be bad ALL the time if I got books for being on the naughty list!!
Punish Me PLEASE!!!