Sunday, December 20, 2009

Prayers for Africa

I had an e-mail yesterday from Fr. Steven Payne, who is still in Nairobi, and thought I would pass along part of it with a request for prayers:
Here a St. Patrick's Mission Society priest was hacked to death a few days ago, and it hardly got the attention of the Kenya media, though it has been all over the papers in Ireland, where he was from.

Keep us in your prayers.


Steve tells me the priest was apparently a victim of a robbery. His name was Jeremiah Roche. I found this online about him:
Father Jeremiah ( Jerry ) Roche died tragically at Keongo Mission, Kericho on 11th December.

He is deeply regretted by his sisters, Kit, Mary Ann and Eileen,(Chicago) Nora and Margaret, (Athea ) Hannah, ( Dublin ); his brothers Patrick and Noel ( Athea) Christy ( Chicago) and Michael
(Charleville ) his family circle, his Society family and very many friends as well as his co workers and parishioners.

We are grateful for the many expressions of sympathy from so many people, especially those who worked with him. May God reward you for your kindness.
You will notice that he had a number of siblings in the States. Fr. Roche was 68 and had served in Africa for almost 40 years.

Although our friars live in an area that is relatively secure, Kenya can still be a dangerous place. Please keep them all -- American friars and Kenyans alike -- in your prayers.

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