Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick blast

The library job keeps looking better and better. This is the job I had been hoping for since moving up here -- health insurance, pension and other benefits, and a starting salary that is about 15% more than what I was making even in Chicago. And with books and book lovers all day long! How cool is that?

Check back around Groundhog Day for the honeymoon's-over update.

Also, someone(s) bought a couple of copies of the mystery today. Perhaps that is what bad little boys and girls will get instead of coal in their stockings this Christmas!

And a happy feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Saturday to you all. We are having Peggy over for my famous enchiladas suizas.


Kristin said...

LOL @ your book being 2009's "Coal of the year". Speaking of which, when does the latest Michael S Dodd work get released? I found myself @ WalMart a few days back looking for a book to read and thought, "I need my uncle to write another."

Michael Dodd said...

I am not sure when the next work will be out. I had hoped to have another mystery done by the first of the year, but I am nowhere near finished with it. So I worked on some short story collections, thinking I might get one of those finished. But that is still hanging, too. Meanwhile, you'll just have to read my mind!