Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Wednesday

Depending on which computer you believe, it is either 3 below zero or 6 below zero (-19.4 C or -21 C) at 8:15 AM as I begin this post. The good news is that there is no wind, so the wind chill is just the same as the temperature -- whichever temperature that is. Looking at the forecast between now and Christmas, looks like we will not get above freezing and will have a chance of snow showers a couple of times. The ground will certainly still be white for The Day, but this year everyone should be able to make it up here (or down here). Last year's Christmas Eve winter storm meant the Chicago crowd never got here, and we and Helen and Jay had a quiet but enjoyable Christmas Eve and Christmas morning on our own. Since the weather kept Rich and Peggy here, they joined Tom and me for a nice dinner, making Christmas a restful and good time for all.

Not too much on the agenda today, and I will most likely go to the library and try to get some writing done. I also need to look for something to use to Martha-ize a particular gift. There are still a few to be done before I post the next set of photos. Meanwhile, I will let the anticipation build.

Tonight we are going to a Christmas party for the Stewards of the Dells. Tom is making his famous Greek Salad as our contribution to the food. Tomorrow evening there is a Pre-Christmas Gathering at St. John's in Reedsburg, and a couple of friends will be talking as part of the program. At the moment, we are thinking of foregoing the dinner at 6:30, attending the talks at 8:00 and then heading home before Santa arrives at 9:00. My introversion can only take so much!

I finally made our room reservations for Christmas. Because the house fills up with family/guests for Christmas Eve and Day, Tom and I get a room elsewhere for a couple of nights. Helen and Jay get my room and bath and the kids and guests are spread out in the other bedrooms and the office. Peter, of course, has his own room this year. Sundance and Cassidy have to fend for themselves. Usually we stay at the local Econo Lodge, but for some reason this year I could not get a room there. So we are staying at the AmericInn, also nearby and a bit fancier but at about the same price.

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