Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting there ...

A few more packages ...

Here are two of Peter's contributions. I note that he made fun of us for what we did, but you can judge for yourself how contagious the disease is. Also you may see that Peter introduces an element of deconstructionism in his work.

I know that Peter has several more to wrap, so you may be seeing further examples of his labors later.

This is a simple, yet somehow overblown little number Tom put together.

And this is also Tom's creation, although I must take credit or blame for finding the adornment. Be sure to press the arrow in the lower left corner of the frame for the full effect.

Tom says that the one below is the last one he is doing, but we will have to see about that. There is at least one more that he has been working on getting materials to match. As I say, Peter has some more to do, and I may be lured into some fancy paperwork later. On the other hand, the next few days need to be devoted to getting the house cleaned and ready for guests. So that should help burn up some of the holiday energy that has been going into the ribbons and bows.

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Sunny said...

My goodness, Michael!! I swear- I think y'all put Martha to shame this year!! A prettier bounty I haven't seen in YEARS!!!