Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's more to a blizzard than snow, Sunny!

The blizzard warning has been lifted, and now we are waiting for the temps to drop and the winds to pick up. After midnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, wind chills are expected to be 18-to-20 below zero (-27.7-to-28.8 C).

NOT fun! Tom is supposed to meet up with another volunteer at the railroad early in the morning to go over and snow plow the drives and clear some of the walks there. This is so that firefighters will be able to get to the buildings in case a fire breaks out.

I don't plan on doing much in the morning, but I do hope to be able to get to the library by 1:00 for my volunteering and to talk to my soon-to-be new boss about the job. I may bake some cookies to take over. Last week I brought some Christmas cookie tins over for Kris to use for a library craft project, and Tara got excited because she thought I had brought cookies or candy. So maybe I had better get something together this time. I especially want to be nice to Tara, because it is her decision to move that meant a full time position opened up for me. Plus, she's great. I will miss her, as will the young adult readers group that she has been helping out.


Sunny said...

Yeah, There's a lot more than just snow involved in a Blizzard, Michael.
It's just when you love snow as much as I do- you kinda overlook the bad stuff and tunnel-vision on the pretty white stuff.
To be honest, I don't like snow here when we get it, due to the fact we live in an old house that we have to use space heaters in. But if I had a nice house, that was well insulated and toasty warm and I didn't have to go out in it, I would love it to snow every day of winter.
Stay safe & warm!!

Michael Dodd said...
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Michael Dodd said...

I love snow, too, Sunny, when I am toasty and warm and don't have to go anywhere. Yesterday, though, I was beginning to feel very cooped up. So I am glad today is sunny and clear, although it is minus 2! At least I should have no trouble getting to the library.

The predicted high winds seem to have passed us by, too, so no drifting on our country road at least.