Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Weather worry woes?

The weather forecasts for our area get more and more unpromising as the days pass. At first, it looked like we would be having snow flurries and snow showers leading up to a fairly calm Thursday for travelers and Friday for Christmas. Then it looked like snow for Thursday, with maybe freezing rain complicating the ride up from Chicago for Lucy, John and Armand. Now the word is that the Minnesota crew may get snowed in at St. Paul. AND, worse, the weather report for Thursday has shifted to freezing rain here, too, followed on Friday by freezing rain mixed with snow. So we may need to cancel the whole thing. Decision on that tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, an annoying financial bit is that if we cancel everything and don't need to use the motel, we will have to pay a fee plus one night's stay, even if we don't stay there. This is an utter rip-off, because they charge you a cancellation fee even if you cancel three days in advance! If you cancel less than three days in advance, you are liable for one night, weather being no excuse, of course. Jerks! AmericInn is a nice place to stay, but this cancellation policy is absurd. Most places let you cancel up to the afternoon of the day you plan to arrive and don't charge anything if you do.

Other than that, things are lovely!


Kristin said...

I can have Vincent call and mutiliate people's self esteem until you get what you want. :-) He is so good at that.

Michael Dodd said...

We probably won't need Vince to harangue anyone. Looks like, despite nasty weather, we will have guests and will use the motel room. (And hot tub!!!)