Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few more packages

This isn't all. As I suspected might happen, Tom is now gussying up (some of) the gifts that had originally been more simply wrapped. But he is not responsible for all this. There will be more, because I believe Peter is going to take a hand and do at least one, but more in keeping with another family custom. Wait and see!

Meanwhile, again the colors aren't great, but you get the idea ...

This first one is a gift for the General Manager at the R&GN and his wife, hence the bell and ribbon, my contribution.

Another in the silver and blue theme. The paper is a deeper blue, but the foil reflects the light.

Next up is a fairly typical Martha bow with hologram foil that doesn't show up too well.

Then we have Tom's abstract salute to a sleigh.

Finally, another Martha-bow-and-bell motif, but Tom did this one.

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