Monday, December 14, 2009

Writing your representatives

For what it's worth, I write my US Representative regularly and my senators occasionally to express my concerns. Recently I also wrote the President. Now I know my most recent letters didn't make the difference, but within 48 hours, the White House, my representative and one of my senators issued statements that coincided with the stand I had taken on the issue I wrote about.

So maybe it helps if I communicate with the people who can do something about what I like or don't like, instead of ranting to everyone who cannot do anything.

Except maybe everyone could write to their representatives, etc.

Most of them have e-mail links that make it very easy to do so.


Kristin said...

I've had Vincent call our local representatives before on the phone to voice our opinions on animal rights. :-) It feels good to be the voice of someone who can't!

Sunny said...

That's true- I think me and my hubby has BOTH written to our political reps - even tho Paul isn't a citizen or a registered voter yet.

He IS a a permenant residen and plans to become a citizen asap.(He's a Brit)....