Friday, March 18, 2016

A bright spot in a mostly dreary day

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day for Peg and Rich's visit, which let her see the apartment at its best. Today, on the other hand, was mostly overcast and all around dreary. I didn't get much of anything done, didn't have any energy to bother. It was not pleasant for walking but I went out after dinner to some nearby big box stores and walked up and down the aisles to get my steps in.

The bright spot in the day was a phone call this afternoon to let me know that the guy who runs the writers group plans to be there Monday morning. I will go over and see what's what.

And that's the way it is.

Spring starts this weekend and we expect some snow showers tonight. Typical.

Like I said, all around dreary.


Bob Slatten said...

We've had gorgeous weather all week, but now it's supposed to rain and turn cold again.
It's always something.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh, not all around dreary. Wherever you go, there's a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

The day before yesterday I had an exciting realisation. St John of the Cross and St John of God are the same person.

Michael Dodd said...

Actually St. John of God was a Portuguese-born saint who founded a community of hospitallers (health care workers)in Spain, where he died about eight years after the future St. John of the Cross was born. Interestingly enough, the young Juan de Yepes (later John of the Cross) worked for several years at a hospital in his hometown of Median del Campo and was always known for his tender care of the sick in the monastery. John of God was much loved and venerated in Granada where he died in 1550 and where John of the Cross served as superior of the Discalced Carmelites in the 1580s. I am sure the younger John of the Cross was well aware of the beloved John of God, although their paths in life never crossed.

Anonymous said...

Oh... slowing down to look at the details when I'm excited isn't one of my strong points. I was carried away with what I perceived as similarities and reached the wrong conclusion. I know so little about the saints and church history.

Michael Dodd said...

It can be confusing when saints have similar names. Among the Discalced Carmelites it is particularly confusing. Since they were founded by St. Teresa of Jesus (AKA of Avila), many of the nuns are named Teresa. Result: A number of canonized Carmelite nuns saints named Teresa (or some version thereof, usually differentiated by adding where they are from: St. Teresa of Avila; St. Teresa (Therese) of Lisieux; St. Teresa of the Andes; St. Teresa Margaret; St. Teresa Benedicta (often called St. Edith Stein) and a number of Blessed Teresas as well.

Ur-spo said...

I remember as a child reading a spell in a story; I think of it whenever I see a photo like this:

Dark and dreary
Sad and weary
Stay and make this island eerie.

Come to think of it it is a spell to evoke not dispell overcast days. no wonder it never worked.