Friday, March 4, 2016

Meme four you

I got this over at Spo-Reflections. As I mentioned in my comment there, I had started a post for Leap Day, "29 Things about Me" but it fizzled out when I realized I had done something very similar in January. So here are my responses to this meme. (I omitted items for which I had no response.)
  • Four names I go by [including names I have gone by in the past]:  Michael, Mike, Fr. Michael, Fr. Prior -- and four more: Dodd, Dud, Milk Dud, Michael of Christ Crucified
  • Four things I hate: political pundit television shows, talk radio (any topic), large loud television screens in public places [especially when tuned to the last thing on this list] , Fox News
  • Four places I have worked: Lumen Christi Institute (University of Chicago), Retreats International (Loyola-Chicago), Screnock & Screnock Family Law, Kilbourn Public Library
  • Four things I love to watch: "The Big Bang Theory," Disney Channel, birds, ocean
  • Four places I have visited: Teotihuacan, Avila, Assisi, Guadalajara
  • Four things I love to eat: samosas, enchiladas mole, eggs Benedict, dark chocolate
  • Four shows/plays: "A Man for All Seasons," "The Mission," "Latter Days," "Sordid Lives"
  • Four things I am happily anticipating: completing my next book, spring, visiting friends in east and west, my next Indian meal
  • Four things I am dreading: having the cat(s) put to sleep, moving again, acting as executor to Tom's estate, cataract surgery
  • Four items on my bucket list: thinking about what might go on a bucket list, making a bucket list, re-evaluating my bucket list, ignoring my bucket list


anne marie in philly said...

my spouse had cataract surgery last year on both eyes; pretty much pain free and it restored his eyesight from "legally blind" to "20/20".

Michael Dodd said...

Tom has had both eyes done and all went well. Almost everyone I know -- with one unfortunately very talkative exception -- had great luck. For a few years after the surgery, my mother was able to do without glasses for the first time since her teens.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I'm trying to decide which I prefer as my new name for you. I THINK I've narrowed it down to Milk Dud (because they are my favorite food group... and I haven't had one in more than five years), and Michael of Christ Crucified (because then an entire church -- MCC -- will have been named for you).

I have a very strong aversion to bucket lists. "Before I die, these are the things I want to do." "I've done all the things on my bucket list. Do I have to die now?" "I'm about to die. SInce I haven't done all the things on my bucket list, does that mean I've failed?"

Ya know what I mean, Father Milk Dud? (OK, I think I've decided.)

Michael Dodd said...

I suppose I should have mentioned that I am also Lord Michael Dodd of Ladonia, huh?

Ur-spo said...

thank you for doing this; I enjoyed your responses.
There is a line from "Man for all seasons" I sometimes quote when we have a lot of leftovers: " we will be eating off this simple supper for a fortnight".

Michael Dodd said...

I saw "A Man for All Seasons" in the theater twice, once a professional production in Dallas and the first time at a university production when I was in high school. I saw the movie countless times. But the first time, the university production, was the most moving. The actor who played More, whom I later came to know as a pain in the neck, was amazing. I will always think that his portrayal was a distant beginning to my conversion to Catholicism.