Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snow for St. David

Well, I don't know what they had in Wales today, but we had snow in Madison. (The local Cambrian Heritage Society has their celebration in honor of St. David next Sunday, when the weather promises to be cloudy and warmer.) The forecast had been for snow last night, ending this morning. When we woke, there had been a bit of snow but not much. So we thought we had escaped.

Not quite.

The snow continued instead of ending and got rather heavy for a brief while. Now they say "snow" will end about two o'clock ... but "snow showers" will continue for the rest of the afternoon. That will add no more than another inch to the two or three that have fallen so far. So not bad but not clear. 

Tom was not feeling well and this gave him an excuse to take a long morning nap. I did some housecleaning and laundry. While the machines were chugging away,  I put a fireplace DVD on the television in the living room and alternated gazing out at the snow and watching the flames while petting whichever cat had decided to wander in and sit with me at any given moment.

Then I updated some direct deposit information with Social Security and with the book royalty people. I had planned to go by my new bank and deposit some funds, but that can wait now until I feel like going out tomorrow.

Tom, meanwhile, got up and worked on the cover design for Except for His Wings. [Yes, I had done a little nagging yesterday but I don't think that contributed to him feeling tired this morning.] The front cover looks quite nice, I think. Now he will fine tune the spine and back cover blurb and within the next day or two, I can upload it all and see what's what and when the thing can go on the market.

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John Gray said...

Weak sunshine today in wales!