Monday, March 14, 2016

Writer's block

I am not suffering from writer's block at the moment, no more than usual. Since people have said kind things about the book, even though I am not in the running for the great American novelist, I am not feeling rejected.This morning I plan to go to the Colonial Club again and see if anyone shows up for the "Joy of Writing" group. If not, I will write a paragraph or two for Wacky and then check out some of the other things they have at the club, including an exercise room and a wood shop -- the exercise room for me and the shop for Tom. And I need to go by the library to return one of his books.

Tomorrow Tom will go to the little railroad to help get things ready for their planned opening in April. Although I have found things to keep me busy here, Tom has been looking forward to getting back to familiar territory in the Dells now that the weather is improving. My intention is to take advantage of his absence to do some serious apartment-cleaning. The cats will stare at me and the robot as we do our best. Then they will wander around, depositing a fresh layer of cat hair on everything.

And the beat goes on ...



Anonymous said...

In case writer's block occurs, break open this recent piece from THE NEW YORKER.

Glad you are settling in to cityish life. When you live in a house with a yard there are always projects that loom.

We went from weekend country house livers to almost full time for the last eight months to see if we want to sell the city place now that full PAttime work does not keep us in the city. So far we like the slower pace by mid summer we will make the call.

My goal is to downsize to a studio in the city for the future and keep country but
we shall see.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I am the vacuum robot in our house and the cats do the same with me.