Monday, March 21, 2016


Yesterday I got an email from NOOK Press telling me that within the next ten days they would deposit a small sum in my bank account for royalties earned. That's nice.

But I closed out my account with them two or three years ago when it became apparent that my NOOK sales (the Barnes & Noble e-reader) were virtually nonexistent. I would sell more in a week on Kindle than I would in several years on NOOK, although in neither case are we talking big numbers. So to simplify things, I just shut it down. You can order my books in print from Barnes & Noble, including the most recent one. But the e-book versions are Kindle only. 

Print versions of the book sold by BN are paid to me through the publisher. E-books for some reason were paid directly. Similarly I receive print royalties and e-book royalties separately from different branches of Amazon.

I think what happened is that NOOK has owed me this money ever since I closed the account and is finally getting around to paying me. They had a policy that you only got royalties when the amount owed reached a certain level. Kindle used to operate this way, too, but they changed some time ago. I imagine NOOK followed suit and they are only now catching up to the pittance they owe me.

Anyway, it was interesting to see Except for His Wings on the BN website. And even an additional pittance in the bank is nice.

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Susan said...

Those pittances can add up! :)