Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Serenity now

Despite that image, it has been a rather serene day here on Brookside Drive in the Mad City. Tom left this morning for the little railroad and the cats and I have had the apartment to ourselves. Sunny weather, coolish but warming, made for a pleasant time, with the cats spending much of the day lounging in the sun on their window perches. I did a quick workout on the treadmill; shopped for a couple of items I needed for dinner; vacuumed, swept and mopped; got the car a long-overdue wash; went for a walk around the neighborhood; and sat out on the balcony for a while, in between spooning food onto plates for cats. I have felt quite relaxed, something I attribute in part to the workout with the weight machines yesterday. There is a little soreness, barely noticeable, but I always find that I feel calm after using the weights. I understand it is good for my blood pressure, and that must be part of it.

Last night I took an audiobook back to the library, and as I was going in, I met a woman who lives in our apartment complex and whom I often greet at the apartment fitness center. We always speak but, because one or the other is on a machine, have never exchanged names. She, her husband and their son were on the way out, and I stopped to finally introduce myself to her and to meet them. Then I spent a quarter hour with two of the librarians, trying to sort out why I am not receiving email notifications when books I have ordered arrive at the library. We were not sure we had the issue resolved when I left, and only time will tell.

It is mid-afternoon and Tom is not yet home. He was going to help some other volunteers clear debris from around the track and cut up a large tree that had fallen on the track during a recent wind storm. They hope to open for (weekend) business next Saturday. That is very early in the season, but the winter was relatively mild and the track should be passable. The steam engines were certified safe last Friday, and the equipment is ready. Spring break will be over, however, and there will not be a lot of tourists in the Dells yet. But the Riverside & Great Northern will be ready for anyone who wants a ride.

When Tom gets back, I will make pork taco salads for dinner. I usually make them with chicken, but we had roast chicken Sunday night and chicken stir fry last night. So we are going with pig meat for a change.

That's the report for today. Now I think I will go back out on the balcony and keep Cassidy company watching the traffic go by and the kids down at Bright Horizons daycare and preschool toddling around outside under the watchful eyes of the staff.


anne marie in philly said...

I started lifting weights almost 6 years ago to help with arthritis pain. IT WORKED! no more back or knee pain! and I got some lil muscles peeking out!

Michael Dodd said...

Anne Marie,
This sort of thing always makes me wish I had started doing it when I was a teenager instead of in my twilight years!