Saturday, March 5, 2016

In a fog

About the time we got home from dinner last night it began to snow. It kept up for some time but no accumulation to notice. This morning is just above freezing, the roads and sidewalks are wet and it looks like it will be a foggy, cloudy kind of day.

I am in a bit of a fog myself. After completing a writing project, I have a brief period of relieved elation, usually followed by a loss of energy. Not depression, I don't think, certainly not exhaustion. (I do not work that hard, trust me!) But even when I have another project underway and waiting for me to work on it, I find myself reluctant to get moving. 

I did some tinkering with Wacky yesterday while I was on duty at the Friends of the Library Read Before Book Store. During the long quiet times I wrote a bit and tried to lay out some more details of the plot. The store wasn't busy but interruptions prevented me from staying on focus.

I haven't reported on Sundance  as much lately, and I wish I could say that things have resolved themselves. We continue to try new things but nothing is helping. I have the impression her physical condition is starting to deteriorate. It is getting more difficult to get her to take her thyroid pill. She has been vomiting and suffering occasional diarrhea. Fortunately she makes it into the bathroom -- not always to the litter box -- and hasn't been messing up the carpets and bed linens. We see the vet on Tuesday and may find out something. There she is (on the right of the photo) curled up with Cassidy in my unmade bed this morning. As soon as they rouse me out and I feed them, they get into my bed and prevent me from making it. They like to nest among the pillows and comforters. (So do I.)

No big plans for the weekend. We will meet up with some friends in Sun Prairie this morning. Tom may watch NASCAR this afternoon, almost certainly tomorrow. He is recording the races in case the weather improves enough that we want to go out and wander around on Sunday. It will be warmer -- not warm, but warmer, maybe some sun shining around the clouds. Then a more spring-like week ahead.

Next week starts off busy. Monday morning I have an early dental appointment. Tuesday morning I drive to the Dells for late breakfast with a friend and then turn around and come right back here to go with Tom and Sundance to the vet. Then a lull from responsibilities until I go back to the library for a couple of hours midday Friday. Somewhere in there I will do my treadmill and elliptical work a few times, maybe sit down and put in some sustained writing, definitely go grocery shopping and  clean up in the apartment. I need a haircut. And a manicure, but I suppose I will have to trim the nails myself. The barbershop we have started using is only a couple of blocks away, but it is strictly barber shop. A woman owns and runs it, but it is no frills, no thrills.

And that's the way it is here on Brookside Drive on the edge of Mad City, Wisconsin.

May you be joyous, happy and free.


Mitchell is Moving said...

It sounds like Prairie Home Companion... only better, because there are gay people! I've been wondering about Sundance. So sorry for how things are going. And yet, he still nests in the comforter and pillows as if nothing has changed. My heart is with all four of you!

Sunny said...

Awwwww... bless her heart. Hope she's back to herself soon!!!