Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday in Mad City

Today was overcast and cool, but we decided to go downtown to State Street anyway. For lunch we had gyros at a favorite place, then visited the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, which featured a heart-breaking and tear-inducing exhibit titled "WAR: RAW", art works created as a form of expressive therapy by veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumas; and the Wisconsin Historical Museum. 

We decided that was enough museum for one afternoon and thought we might  head home. But first we walked back along State Street for a half dozen blocks looking for a place where Tom had eaten ice cream or frozen custard or frozen yogurt (he can't remember)  four or five years ago. We finally saw a storefront with the sign "Yogurt Forever" -- but the store was empty. Apparently it was only "Yogurt For a While."

We headed back toward the Capitol and wound up at the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company, an award-winning purveyor of Madison-produced dairy delights. They are the Gold Medal Winner for Best in Madison 2016. Tom had the Door County Cherry ice cream and I had Peach Melba Greek-style frozen yogurt. It was a chilly day but still a nice rest stop after all the walking we had done.

Lest we forget where we were, however, on the way home we ran into a few snowflakes ...


Anonymous said...

I do like the sound of your afternoon.

Michael Dodd said...

It was a lovely afternoon indeed.

Ur-spo said...

how pleasant good for you two!