Friday, March 11, 2016

Sundance and Cassidy's Excellent Adventure

This afternoon was sunny and warm. After I got home from the library, Tom decided to go for a walk. A little later I took a chair out onto the balcony and sat out there, leaving the door open into the apartment so the cats could come and go.

Eventually I came back inside and closed the door and a few open windows.  I was sitting down to read and noticed Sundance walking from Tom's room toward my bathroom. I assumed she was going to use the litter box and started reading. Some time later I realized I had not seen her come back, and I went to check on her. I couldn't find her anywhere and thought she must be under one of the beds.

I had just gone back to pick up my book when someone knocked on the door.

It was Peter, who lives a couple of apartments down from us.

"Are you missing a cat?" he asked.

I went out into the hall and he pointed to  Sundance sitting in the stairwell.

I picked her up, thanked Peter and took her back to the apartment.

At which point I realized I had not seen Cassidy when I was looking for Sundance. She had been lounging out on the balcony with me for a while but had disappeared

I went down the stairs and found her on the floor below us.

It seems that when Tom went out for his walk, the door had not fastened behind him. When I opened windows and the door onto the balcony, the wind blew the door ajar. The door has an automatic return, and so it looked like it was closed. But the cats have been trying to get out into the hall ever since we got here, and they sniffed out the opportunity and took it.

Fortunately none of the many large dogs who live here were wandering the halls, and also fortunately, Peter realized that they must be our cats.

Totally not excellent, dudes!


Anonymous said...

Michael, maybe that dreadful breakfast you ate yesterday (as a Lenten penance?) and possibly repeated today (but I hope not) diverted your attention from the cats and gave them the chance for their excellent adventure. Sorry to tease you!

W. F.

Michael Dodd said...

Well, I made up for the healthy breakfast yesterday by having a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast today. It all balances out, right? ;-)

Susan said...

Late to this discussion, but just wanted to add: one of my favorite non-traditional breakfasts is right-out-of-the-refrigerator cold pizza. Did you warm yours up, Michael or eat as is?

Michael Dodd said...

Tom heats his pizza up, but I eat mine cold. I tend to eat most leftovers cold.

Bob Slatten said...

Cats are sneaky and curious and devilish and fabulous.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Uh oh, how ya gonna keep em down on the farm?

anne marie in philly said...

YIKES! glad they were found safe!

Michael Dodd said...

One thing I have noticed since moving to the apartment -- we meet people mostly through the pets. We see them walking the dogs or they see us in the elevator with the cats in the carrier. As I told one friend, I know more dogs in the building by name than I do people.