Monday, March 7, 2016


Got word this afternoon that my copies of the book have shipped. I don't expect them for a week, but it will be nice to have them in hand. My mother wants one. She often finds my books hard to read but this one features her kitten in a cameo role, and so she wants to read it. There is a character in the book who is also based loosely on my mother, and I think she will like her. Hope so! I may just bookmark the pages where her kitten appears and she can read those few paragraphs.

I intend to donate one to the library in the Dells. Much of it was written there during National Novel Writing Month and the book is dedicated to the staff and patrons. And I have promised a few to other friends and will donate some to the Local Author shelf at the Sun Prairie Library book store.

As for the e-book version, I had intended to joke that it was selling like pancake, but someone else jumped in and placed an order before I had the chance.

In non-literary news, I survived my dental appointment (he didn't really tell me I needed a crown), trimmed my nails and got my haircut, went for a couple of walks on this sunny and warm day, and made orange chicken for dinner. (Smelled delicious while cooking, but eating ... meh.)

In even less appetizing news, I happened upon Sundance standing in the litter box and urinating all over the mat outside it. Fortunately I was able to clean up immediately and toss what was machine-washable in the washer. The nice weather meant other things could be cleaned and then sit outside on the deck to air out. Sundance was totally unembarrassed, lest you start feeling sorry for her.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Poor you (not Sundance). I haven't bought the ebook yet but will, so it will be selling like pancakeS.

Anonymous said...

I bought one too. And also the book you suggested. 😊

Sunny said...

Halfway finished with Except for His Wings. I wish I didnt have to work. I could read all day long eith no interuptions.
All I have to say so Best One Yet!!

Michael Dodd said...

Too sweet!