Friday, November 20, 2015

A quick word before the storm

Okay, not so much a storm, I suppose, but we expect snow tonight and then more snow tomorrow afternoon. In our area, probably no more than a couple of inches or so total. This is happy news for many people because deer [gun] season begins tomorrow morning. 

My day has been fairly uneventful. I went to the gym, did my library writing thing, happened to run into the woman I used to tutor and set up a coffee date with her for next Friday to chat and to give her a couple of small gifts. She and her sons will be moving to Mexico early in the new year. Her husband has already gone to get things ready. Tom suggested we give her something to remember us by and so we are giving her a couple of Latin American cloth art pieces. They hung in our house and are small enough that it will be easy for her to pack and take them to her new home.

Then grocery shopping to get some supplies laid in and later out to a fish fry with our neighbors and back home to settle in before the white stuff arrives.

Happy weekend and keep an eye peeled for deer hunters. Orange is the fashion statement you want to go with for the next couple of weeks.

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