Saturday, November 14, 2015


When I was young and my brother and I would be in our bedroom in the back of the house on Southwood Drive and my parents were in the den, if things got quiet at our end, my father would sometimes call down the hall, "Whatever you're doing back there, stop!"

For some reason, that amusing story came to my mind as I pondered the tragedy in Paris. Sometimes I want to shout, "Whatever you're doing back there, stop!"

Please, please, please, in the name of God -- seriously, in the name of GOD, whatever/WhoEver that means to you -- stop! And especially, stop doing it in the name of God! 

And I'm not just talking about one religious group. There's plenty of "stop" to go around.


Mitchell is Moving said...

Yes, there is definitely plenty enough "stop" to go around. I wish more people were as enlightened as you are. I've read some very distressing commentary today.

And oh how I wish "they" would listen to you.

Michael Dodd said...

I don't always listen to myself, so how can I expect "them" to?