Monday, November 23, 2015

That's so random!

When I went to the gym yesterday morning, it was 15 degrees [-9.4 C]. This morning it was warmer, but we had a bit of sleet and a short period of snow mixed with rain. 

"They" had been saying that by Thursday it would be up to 50 [10 C] for Thanksgiving. Now it looks like it will be a bit colder with lots of rain. With possible snow Thursday night and barely up to freezing temperatures on Friday. Glad I am not a Black Friday shopper!

One of the library NaNoWriMo participants joined me at the library this morning, and we worked alongside one another quietly and steadily for over an hour. I am making progress both with revising/editing and with filling in gaps in the story. She is struggling but hanging in there with a great attitude.

This afternoon I went to the bank to cash in a CD that had matured. This is a local bank and I am taking my CDs in cash so that I can open another account when we move out of the area. Their TV was blasting FOX News and I was tempted to withdraw all my funds immediately.

Then a quick stop on the way home to get fresh green beans. We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors' across the road. We asked what we could bring and they suggested a green vegetable side dish. My mother raves about the bacon-wrapped roasted green beans one of her neighbors makes, and I found a recipe that looks doable. We'll see. At any rate, this will be a minor player and won't do too much damage if it is a fail. And it will be a break from green bean casserole.

I cleared the desk and bookcase that Tom had built for my bedroom here and he dismantled it. I will be getting a different arrangement for the apartment. Now when I go into my room, I have to stop myself from tossing things onto the desk-that-is-not-there.

I called the apartment office and told them we would be there at nine sharp on the morning of December 15 to pay, get keys and start moving in. The phone/internet/television guy is showing up after lunch and we need to have some things in place for him to do his installation magic. 

As the Beatles famously sang, 
O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, bra!
Lala how that the life goes on.


glen said...

You certainly sound should all go smoothly.
I was wondering what you would do for Thanksgiving, now
that all is packed. When do you expect to be living in Madison (i.e. fully moved in)?
Hope you have some time this weekend to relax.....Take care

Michael Dodd said...

I make it sound organized but that is so not the case!

We will begin moving things down on December 15 and hope to have a lot of things transferred over the course of the next week. We will not be fully moved in until around January 1. Our neighbors here will look after the cats for us while we are in Chicago for Christmas. Then we hope to have the movers take the big stuff down on December 28 and introduce the cats to their new home. Then bring in cleaners to get the house in shape to turn over to the new owner when we close on January 8.