Monday, November 9, 2015

Michael's Monday morning meanderings

1) I woke in the night with an aching ankle. I have no idea what caused it and I tried to go back to sleep without success. Eventually I took a half-dose of an OTC painkiller. That helped enough to let me doze a bit, but I woke with the ache still with me. I slipped on an Ace bandage, which helped some. I opted not to go to the gym and do the treadmill, but if things are better later in the day, I may give it a shot.

2) I posted the NaNoWriMo group total word count for this past week. I only heard from about half the participants, but our total was 44,770. (I didn't tell them how many of those were mine.)

3) We began setting up utilities for the apartment. Taking care of the electricity was a piece of cake. I expect the gas will be as simple. The pain will be the television/internet/phone thing. I tried to foist this one off on Tom, because he will have a hundred questions that I won't remember to ask or understand the answers they give me. But he thinks we should both be on the line in case we need to consult. What consult? I don't know anything and my input will be almost useless. But I guess if needs must ...

4) I filled up the back of the Equinox with things for St. Vinnie's and took them over. A couple of guys were sorting through donations when I got there and they helped unload everything. So that didn't take long.

5) From there I went to Starbucks to write for a while. I made some progress and then headed back home, stopping to pick up yogurt and a couple of other things along the way.

6) When I got home, Tom was nowhere to be seen. No note, but I suspected he was at the neighbors' house, which turned out to the case. I had just put things away and was on the phone with the people we want to hire as movers when Tom came in with the two older kids. We found jobs to keep them somewhat busy, helping clean and sort. Their mother had a contraction last night, but so far that was all. Tom figured he would buy her an hour of respite. After running out of things for them to do, we sent them home for lunch and to await further developments.

7) Tom is off to Baraboo to sign papers with the realtor, accepting the offer that was made for the house. 

8) And now I am going to eat my lunch!

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