Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just a bit

I did write a bit more this afternoon. Word count now 36,248.

Here are a few lines from the end of this installment:
Katie walked over and stood by the bed, looking at Hank, Jr.’s face, green in the glare of the monitor lights.
“Honey, you only have a minute. Say what you want to say and let’s leave the Ingrahams alone. I promised. Let’s not make them wait.”
She nodded and opened her mouth to say something.
But just then we heard a knock on the window.
We both jumped and looked out. Angelo was outside, wings gently holding him aloft, inches from the window. He looked at Katie and tapped again on the window.
And no, Angelo is neither an angel nor one of the X-Men. Or is he? 

No, he's not.

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