Sunday, November 8, 2015

Expecting and waiting ...

I mentioned that last Wednesday was our neighbor's due date. This is not matter of mere curiosity in our household, because we are on call to take care of their other four kids when the time comes. (I have mentioned this a dozen times, I suspect. It is much on my OCD mind.) Which means that we have been careful about being away from the house, making sure that we have cell phones when we go out in case they want to reach us and let us know we are needed.

So far not a peep. 

Friday when I was out for a walk, I ran into three of the kids and their mother. They were skating and she was walking along with them. The weather was a bit weird and I said it looked like it wanted to so something, but I wasn;t sure what.

She patter her belly and said, "I hope I do something." 

We laughed, but Friday passed, evening and morning, as the Good Book says. But no baby.

Yesterday their son told Tom that his mother thought yesterday, Saturday, would be the day. This is her fifth pregnancy and she is an obstetrics nurse. So I figured, hey, she knows her body and she has professional knowledge, too. Maybe she'll be right. 

But here we are, Sunday afternoon and still nothing.

I find myself a bit restless. I can only imagine how they feel next door!


Ur-spo said...

Perhaps she is hanging on for a better horoscope natal day.

Michael Dodd said...

This may be true, but since they are quite conservative evangelicals, I won't share that thought with the family.

Mitchell is Moving said...

With her experience previous experience, personal and professional, you're probably more nervous than she is at this point. Looking forward to the good news. Our friend just had her first child... two weeks after her due date!