Thursday, November 12, 2015

Windy country [UPDATE!]

We are under a wind advisory until six this evening, with gusts possibly up to 50 miles [80.5 km] per hour. So far no trees or big branches down, but I saw lots of fairly sizable twigs (what is halfway between a twig and a branch?) on the road when I went to have breakfast with a friend. He and his wife also live in the country, and when I asked what was on his agenda for the rest of the day, he said, "Dodging falling branches."

My/our agenda at the moment calls for us to attend the appreciation lunch for library volunteers. We have skipped it the last couple of years,  but since we are getting ready to move away, I convinced Tom that it would be right to put in an appearance. At the same time, we are still on baby watch for the neighbors, and that may change our plans. We will check with them about ten o'clock to see what's happening and to let them know we may be at the library event for an hour or so at midday. The restaurant is only about ten minutes away, so we can be back in a flash if needed.

Because of my breakfast engagement, I did not go to the gym. Instead I rode the stationary bike for  twenty minutes and did a bit of writing. Whatever else happens -- babies, lunches, high winds -- I will get more done on the novel later. In Texas (and probably throughout the south) we would say, "If the good Lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise."

And falling trees don't knock out the electricity.

Word-of-the-day is saporific, producing or imparting flavor or taste. I notice that my spell check wanted to replace that with soporific, causing or tending to cause sleep. I am more familiar with soporific, as may be folks who read my books.

BTW, I notice I have more stamina riding the stationary bike now, that I not only ride faster and harder but for a longer time. Also that it works different leg muscles than my treks on the treadmill. At least, different muscles are sore!

UPDATE Our neighbor went into labor in the wee hours this morning. They decided not to disturb us, woke their thirteen-year-old son and gave him instructions to keep all the kids in the house and call us if anyone drove up or if he needed help. Apparently he did not, and Baby Rosemary had already arrived before we heard anything at all.

Well, as John Milton wrote, "They also serve who only stand and wait." 

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