Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More moving moments [UPDATE]

A man came by early this morning to take a water sample for testing, because we have well water. At some point another person will come and do a well inspection.

Last night we went through the house to decide what we want the movers to handle. I have a call in to them and am waiting for a call back. I have spoken to them before, which is reassuring because three attempts to send any information via their website -- as they suggest on their phone machine -- have failed to work. The website form looks good and is easy to fill out, but once I hit the Submit button, I get a clever message ("We are moving on your request!") on a page that displays the circling circle indicating the computer is working. And fifteen minutes later, that is all there is. Still moving, apparently, still circling. Not sure what the hangup is there but ...

We continue the process of selecting what art work we are definitely not taking down and that can be given to family, friends or otherwise donated. At the moment we intend to take almost all of the colorful pieces and decide in situ what we will use and what we can bring back here for the gift/donation pile. The apartment has high ceilings to provide lots of wall space -- but it also has huge windows on the outer walls and little space for art there. I have selected the two pieces for my bedroom (one of the colorful ones from my room here and one of the monochrome portraits) and a grouping of small things for the office. That leaves one office wall open for something. Plus Tom's room. Plus the living room. Plus the entry way. Plus... You would think that would be a lot of space. But here's the deal.

 Here are just some of Tom's paintings that were featured on the library's Art Wall 
a few years back. The colorful one on the bottom is one I am taking from my bedroom. 
And this is only a sample of what we have to choose from ...

Altogether we need to select from a dozen large monochrome portraits (we expect to take only a few) and seven large colorful pieces. In addition there is a large four-panel set and a large three-panel set. And these are just Tom's pieces, all three feet square or larger. So much art, so little space! (Someone suggested that we can put things up and rotate works over the course of the year, but that would mean storing stuff somewhere.)

On other fronts, I paid some bills and hope to get some work done on the novel. 


UPDATE: I managed to contact the movers and we have them scheduled bright and early on December 28.


Anonymous said...

"So much art, so little space."
That sounds really tough. I hope you and Tom find good homes for the ones you can't take.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Downsizing for me is fairly easy and very satisfying. Downsizing would be my idea of hell if I couldn't always display all of Tom's artwork. He's incredible! As for the movers, I hope they move you better than they move on your request on their website.