Monday, November 9, 2015

Progress, not perfection


We got a lot done on apartment business today. 

I called and got the information we need to have about the cats -- proof that their shots are up to date -- and details about the mechanics of the movers getting to the apartment. 

The electricity and gas are scheduled. They are already connected, of course, and will be in our names when we pick up the keys December 15.  We will begin moving some things that day, but we plan to live in the house until after Christmas so that our good neighbors can take care of the cats while we are in Chicago.

Tom spent a long time this afternoon getting the new phone/internet/television service selected and scheduled. Fortunately I didn't have to hang on the other line for that whole, seemingly endless ordeal. The day we pick up the keys and drop the first things off, the installation guy is supposed to show up, sometime between one and three. (Ha! We'll see how that works out.) They said the installation could take up to four hours, which seems improbable to me since the place is already wired for all that and we are using the complex's preferred provider.

Whatever. Another few pieces in place. Now we have to sit down and figure out what we want the movers to haul -- mostly just the furniture -- so we can finish scheduling them. We head back to the Dells from Chicago on Saturday, December 26, and Tom wants to schedule the movers for Monday, December 28. Which means we need to have the final things pretty well packed when we go to Chicago for Christmas.  

The date for closing on the sale of the house and the adjoining property has been set in early January. Now we have to schedule the inspections for well, septic and all that jazz and hope no problems pop up.

There seems to be no end to it all, but by January 10, it should all be over, including the shouting.

Except for the whining of the cats, of course.

I never made it to the gym, although my ankle quit hurting. I'll ride my stationary bike tonight and burn off some nervous energy.

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