Friday, January 15, 2016

Body and body shop [UPDATED]

Today was take-care-of-the-body day.

First, my own body. It was above freezing when I walked the block up to the fitness center this morning to do my hour-plus on the treadmill. A few other people came and went while I was there, young fit folks getting in their workout before heading to work. 

One thing I like about our new place is that the apartment complex fitness center -- though small and with limited equipment, we do not have to share treadmills -- is a five-minute walk away. When I had to drive into Reedsburg and back, an hour of workout was a two-hour time commitment, what with driving and getting cleaned up afterward. That ate up the better part of a morning, which was one reason that I went so early in the day. Now I can eat breakfast at leisure, go to the center, exercise, return, shower, make a fresh cup of coffee and be at the desk writing before nine.

Also in the own-body-care area I suppose is cooking. A kind reader sent me links to a couple of simple recipes the other day, and tonight I plan to make Chicken with White Beans and Tomatoes. As promised, it does sound very simple to make. Click on the link if you want the recipe. 

UPDATE: It was tasty, too!

The other recipe is for an Italian sausage soup, Zuppa Salsiccia, and I intend to give that one a shot on Sunday when the temperature is supposed to get brutally cold. Again, click on the link if you are interested in more information.

  Then there is the car body. The insurance company sent us to a place that is right up the road and we took the car in this morning. We expect it to be in the shop until sometime next week. As soon as I get it back, I need to make an appointment, fortunately at a dealer who is also right up the road, for an oil change and tire rotation. 


Mitchell is Moving said...

I don't have a car, but I wish I could simply get my tires rotated and my oil changed.

Anonymous said...

Michael, Glad you liked the chicken bean recipe. As for the soup, I sometimes make it with one of those packages of chicken sausages combo pack sweet and hot. It works well.
If you are exploring new shopping routines, an Aldi market opened near me a few months back. I see that there are some in the Madison area. If you haven't been to an Aldi before or not in a decade or so they
are worth checking out. A) I like the size. B) For the basics, beans, yogurts,eggs
cheeses,milk, canned tomatoes etc the prices are great. Things like walnuts, flour, sugar
and basic spices are well priced. And I've come to like their pesto, Aldi signature salad dressing and frozen egg mcmuffins. Their produce and meat selection is limited but offers good value, if they have what you want. The chicken stock and english muffins, and line of gluten free pastas are also good if you have someone who follows that diet. And C) The evil aisle with well-priced european chocolate, Australian licorice and good chips can be a hard to zip by.

The food is 99% private label but I have found the quality is very good. It's bring your own bags, no credit cards and a quarter deposit for the cart but the
inconveniences are worth it. It won't replace your prime super market but unless you are a brand diehard everything from ziplock bags to paper towels seemed better
priced and you don't have to buy in bulk or wait for a sale.

Lavada said...

Sounds like you are beginning to enjoy a bit of the City life- being close to everything balances out being being so close to everything, perhaps?
I was afraid that you would have regrets about moving into a flat from your beautiful country house, and I'm glad to hear you are finding the glorious silver linings of apartment life!!!

I on the other hand- still haven't quite found that balance and still yearn for a home of my own with a bit of garden(yard) to sit in and reflect on my life.( I'll be blogging about that later this morning.)

You can take the girl out of the country- but she wont like it.

I only get to read my favorite blogs on Sunday Mornings now- so I'm going thru yours from the top back(Yours is ALWAYS the first one I read)...hoping you have posted some photos of the new place(with Cassidy and Sundance at home...or annoyed, as it may be. :)

Lavada said...

Oh- and btw- Ditto on EVERYTHING Anon said about ALDI. You may still go to Big Market for your absolute fav "I cant live without this Brand" items- but it's well worth it- Hubby and I shopped there when we was home and we'd get twice the groceries for half the price of Big Market.
You'll spend Pennies on gas to go to Big Market but save DOLLARS on the total bill!