Sunday, January 3, 2016

Colors, cubes, socks

We continue to make progress. Here is the stained glass panel in place. The title of this 2'x3' piece, as I recall, is EternoEquinox. The artist had the same design in greens. I assume that one was the spring equinox and ours is the autumn. We considered buying both and changing them seasonally, but that sounded like a recipe for breaking one. And the autumn colors went better where we intended to hang it in the house. They do just fine here, too.

Tom got an email this morning that the cubes we will use for shelves in the living room have arrived and we can pick them up today. This will mean we can get the living room in final shape (ha!) and the boxes out of there. Probably late this week or early next the cubes for the entry will arrive. That will make it possible to get the art in place there, leaving only putting up the art in the study and finding a convertible bed-sleeper or daybed to go in there.

We suspect the ongoing changes will continue to annoy the cats who will continue to wake us at four in the morning with complaints.

Unrelated to that is this photograph of my stocking feet this morning. A few weeks ago I decided that matching socks were boring. I think this may have started when I realized that I had a pair of green socks and a pair of red that were identical except for color. Voila! Christmas socks! Since then, I mix-and-match all the time. A small contribution to a more diverse world. Think outside the socks, as they say.


Daniel said...

Outside the socks?

Bob Slatten said...

Love the stained glass. Years ago my Dad did two pieces that were identical except for color; one was Spring, he said, and the other Fall.
They look beautiful as does yours.

anne marie in philly said...

continue to wear mismatched sox. and the furkids will settle down eventually.

Lavada said...

Outside the socks!!!! I LOVE it!!! You may have started a trend here.

Ur-spo said...

If you decide to wear red and green, keep in mind red is on the left as you leave the harbor; on the right as one enters the harbor.