Saturday, January 23, 2016

Little things

Yesterday was a day to get little things done. I got my prescriptions transferred to a local pharmacy, something that was far simpler than I had expected, and got two of them filled.

While waiting for the prescriptions to be ready, I went to the Sun Prairie Public Library, which was just a few blocks away. I returned an audiobook and picked up a book on mindfulness. I saw that they  are looking for volunteers to staff their small bookstore, and I will probably put in an application for that soon. Most library volunteer positions do not involve much direct contact with patrons. And as much as I enjoy the solitary search for books that have been requested by other libraries, I enjoy a brief chat with people looking for books even more.

Then I got a badly needed haircut and had an interesting visit with the woman who gave me the trim. I now know a great deal about her mother's health problems, her own political opinions (tending definitely left) and the sinus condition for which she blames her mother. It was actually rather entertaining. The one disheartening thing was that she told me she is 51 and had never voted in any election until 2008. At least she votes now!

Then I made an appointment to have the oil changed and the tires rotated on the Equinox next Tuesday morning. We have an appointment with the new veterinarian that afternoon to have Sundance's thyroid levels checked. So I guess that will be a cat-and-car day.

For dinner we went to the Market Street Diner and Bakery. Rich and Peggy had recommended it, and we enjoyed the fish fry. We resisted buying baked goods although they looked great. 

When she brought the bill, our waitress gave us a flyer for a special Groundhog's Day brunch. Sun Prairie has one of those let's-wake-up-an-innocent-rodent-and-pretend-he's-a-meteorologist events every year on February 2. While hardly of the exalted status of Punxsatawney Phil, Sun Prairie's own Jimmy the Groundhog made the news last year by biting Mayor Jonathan Freund's ear during the weather check. That particular Jimmy was eventually released into the wild and, as of this report, a replacement has not been found. Worst cast scenario will involve a hand puppet. Safer but not nearly the possibility for viral photographs. When the waitress mentioned that they had not found one to do it this year, I thought at first she meant it was the mayor who had opted out.

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