Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just when I thought things were under control

I was feeling pretty good this morning with my writing. I plugged up a hole in the story and was thinking I was in the home stretch with not much left to do except the proofing and editing of the last fifty pages or so.

Then I realized that in the final scene of the book, a character reappears without any explanation as to how she got there. This is not insoluble, and I will try to take care of it briefly. But she is a character who could start a new hare or at least a new subplot, and I don't particularly want to go there. I am trying to keep the storyline lean.This is the problem with writing. Sometimes the characters take the reins when I would rather they let me be in charge. I just hope I can keep things on an even keel.

And that I don't discover any more leaks that need plugging.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

She's the one who showed up uninvited. I'd tell HER to make sense of that.