Saturday, January 9, 2016


The temperature has been dropping throughout the day today from a high of 34 [1.11 C] to an expected low of 4 [-15.56 C] tonight. Tomorrow we anticipate -- totally inappropriate word! -- a high of 13 [-10.56 C] and a low of 0 [-17.78 C] -- yes, to us in the Fahrenheit world, that is zero degrees.

All week the lows will be in the small single digits (Fahrenheit) with the lowest being -4 [-20 C] on Tuesday night. Highs will not reach above 25 [-3.89 C] and will mainly be in the teens (Fahrenheit) until next week. At least we expect no more snow or ice while all this is going on.

I might note that there have been years recently when we had a few consecutive days when the temperatures never got above zero. By comparison, this could be a January thaw!

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Mitchell is Moving said...

And yet again, I suppose I should stop complaining about how cold it is here today. It's nearly 2 p.m. and has just finally reached 18C.