Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tom has done the cooking since we got here, or we have gone out for convenience food or a local eatery on days when we were busy about many things. Thinking it was time for me to step up to the oven, I was delighted to get an email today with the subject heading "Deceptively easy dinners."

I looked through the list and clicked on the first one that appealed to me.

After the list of ten ingredients -- not too bad, I told myself, nothing esoteric -- the recipe began,
First, make the mushroom duxelles.
Sorry, folks. Deceptive, yes. Simple, not so much. Devil's food, perhaps?

We may be hitting the Happy Wok for dinner!


Anonymous said...


Truly Simple. Use a disposable lasagna pan if you are in a hurry. (dollar stores are a good source) Dried oregano and thyme work, but fresh is better. Freezes well. So cooking a family pack of thighs(or split breasts) and adding a third can of beans means you can have several meals.


Or this hardy soup

Perfect for winter meals.Enjoy your new home

Michael Dodd said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to give them a try. I am a chicken breast person, but Tom prefers thighs and he will like that. And we have Italian sausage in the freezer for the soup as well as most (not all) of the other ingredients. If the weather stays this cold, a good, spicy soup would hit the spot nicely.

Anonymous said...

This dish could make you a thigh man. For added vegatables you can put a layer
of baby spinach under the chicken parts. I stumbled on these two several years ago
and they are now favorites for this time of year.

Mitchell is Moving said...

This is hilarious. I would have balked simply at the idea of TEN ingredients. If anyone calls that deceptively easy, they obviously don't understand my problem.