Monday, January 11, 2016

Fender bender [Not us!]

Near the apartment is an intersection where lots of people have to make a left turn to get into an office complex a few blocks down. There is no traffic signal. In the morning traffic backs up for a block or two in the left-turn lane and waits for oncoming traffic to ease up enough to get through. The oncoming traffic heading toward the city is fairly constant at that time of day and there is no Stop sign to hinder them. And no traffic light further up the road has stopped traffic to provide the occasional gap for the convenience of the left-hand-turn folks.

This morning, although we did not hear it happen, we noticed that there had been a fender bender at the intersection. A fire truck, an EMT van and two police cars arrived to provide necessary attention. As far as we could tell, no one had been seriously hurt.

On the other hand, everyone involved was standing around for quite a while and it was -5 [-20.56 C] out there. It could not have been fun! 

Makes our little run-in with the deer seem quite easy.