Monday, January 4, 2016

The next right thing

This morning I am back at the house on Berry Road for a while. The cleaners we hired to get the house ready to hand over on Friday are due to arrive and do their thing. I will let them in and while they are busy, I will visit for with our neighbors. I have no idea how long this will take. But they will not be steam cleaning the carpets -- apparently the buyer is thinking about replacing them -- nor will they have to clean any of the basement areas. So maybe not too terribly long. That is my hope, anyway.

On Friday, we will come back up to the realtor's office in Baraboo to sign all the papers and, if all goes according to play, that will be that. (The forecast at the moment is for possible rain/freezing rain, naturally.) When we get back to Madison, we will no longer be homeowners.

While I am in Delton today, Tom is home tending the cats and making spaghetti for dinner. 

Again, that is my hope, anyway. 

Did you notice I said "Tom is home"? I did that without thinking, which must mean I have made a transition in my mind. Now if only the cats will do the same!


Mitchell is Moving said...

So glad you're coming around to "home." The cats will suddenly be there and you won't even know when they arrived at the idea. I never had a difficult time walking away from any of our homes. Later, I've been melancholy. Since you've been experiencing some separation anxiety, I figure you have nothing but joy to come.

Kirstin Dodd said...

You are home in your new place! Hope the cleaners hurry up too.

So happy for you!

Sunny said...

I caught that turn of phrase!!
You're moving right along in the transition!

anne marie in philly said...

home is wherever you and tom and the cats are. and a good spaghetti dinner!

Michael Dodd said...

Anne Marie,
Tom could not find the spaghetti because the new pantry is not the same as the old and things are in different places. (No, it is NOT that big, but ... men!) Anyway, I came home not to spaghetti but to a delicious gumbo instead. Very tasty!