Saturday, January 9, 2016


Thanks to all of you who reassured me that the cats would adjust and for the suggestions to help that along. The last couple of days/nights/early mornings have certainly been an improvement. Now they are back to their usual bad habit of waking me up to feed them at a less unreasonable hour. 

And there is little or no whining during the day to get outside. Just for more food! And none of that dry stuff, kiddo. We know you have Fancy Feast in there somewhere.

The new place is smaller, but they are making their peace with it.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

Interestingly, our California cats seemed to be even happier (once they settled) when we went from a large 5-bedroom house to a "cozy" 2-bedroom apartment. As my mother would say, "There's so much to dust." Maybe it was the fact that I used to push them around the floor as dust mops.