Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cat hair removal gizmo

Mitchell asked about the cat hair removal gizmo I picked up at Target. This is it: 

The rubber bristles on the brush part help loosen the hair and sweep it into clumps for easier removal. On the other side, hidden in this photo but visible on the label illustration, is a roller with sticky tape for a final touch.

It does not do a perfect job, but it is a big improvement over trying to vacuum or using a sticky roller alone. It sells for about eight dollars on Amazon, although I think I paid less. They make other related products. This is not an endorsement! I haven't been using it long enough for that. Just an FYI.

For a more detailed review, click here.

Helen had told me to use rubber gloves to get the hair up, and that does help if you you cannot find this gadget or something like it.

As I told Mitchell, the only perfect method of de-cat-hairing a space is to de-cat the space, but that would leave a hole in our lives.

BTW, the folks who cleaned up the house to get it ready for sale told me that it took them longer than they anticipated because there was so much cat hair. And we vacuumed and swept regularly! But apparently the cats were losing hair 24/7 ...


Ur-spo said...

someone was having a fun time pun with this one; I thought it said "Fur Elise" the Beethoven piano work.

Michael Dodd said...

How clever of you to catch that. I had a fleeting wonder about why it was called Fur Erase, but the pun didn't enter my mind.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Thanks, Michael. I love this. Haven't seen it around here, but will look a bit more. Otherwise, your suggestion of a rubber glove is great.

Lavada said...

Fur Release might have been a better name for it, do you think? Hahahaha.