Friday, January 1, 2016

Tilting at windmills

One of the things we can see on a clear day, besides forever, is the wind farm on the northwest side of Madison. We used to see it when we came to town via Highway 12, and now from the apartment we see the big windmills about eight miles away.

I mentioned that on our visit to view the apartment back in October, although the view is wonderful, I was a little disappointed we could not see the state Capitol. Now that we are here, I have discovered that if you know exactly where to look you can just see it, about five miles away, almost hidden by a hill.

One reason I mention this is that the wind farm is generating energy for Wisconsin. The state Capitol, on the other hand, is generating lots of hot wind these days, but no constructive energy.


Ur-spo said...

I've often wondered in the gym seeing people on treadmills and running machines is there any way to harness this for electricity generation? I like windmills.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I suppose I'd rather look at the wind farm than the hot air farm anyway.