Monday, January 11, 2016

Fishing for pageviews with inappropriate and fake naked references

Last May I posted about reading that one way to increase visitors to your blog is to use words like naked and porn in titles to posts. This is supposed to send viewership skyrocketing, something more important for blogs that rely on pageviews to help generate traffic to ads that provide financial recompense. That came to mind when I noticed that yesterday I had a near-record readership. 

I thought this odd since my posts were about my parents' anniversary. But then I remembered -- there was a post about someone smoking on the balcony in the near-zero temperatures and the title of that post was "Smoking hot? Maybe not!" Perhaps some innocents somewhere were searching "smoking hot" in hopes of finding something more exciting.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe people were looking for stories about people who managed to have a happy marriage for almost 65 years. If so, I am glad to have provided them with an example.

You're welcome.


Bob Slatten said...

Huh. I might have to rethink my post titles and include some nekkid talk.

Michael Dodd said...

Mitchell left this comment that failed to show up here:
Naked Truth? I use "leading" titles sometimes just for fun. But I find your blog smoking hot. Porn or no porn. (And now my comment will come up in searches, too.)
Sorry, Mitchell! I guess that means your comment won't come up in searched, or at least not with a link to take folks back to you.)

Ur-spo said...

My experience is the titles that trap innocent web-surfers have universal titles
My 'top posts' are 'Women in the Men's locker room" "Depression from a Jungian point of view" and "The Victim Complex"