Thursday, January 7, 2016

Close encounters of the cervine kind

We lived on a country road in the Town of Delton for ten years. There were deer paths across the property and we often saw deer quite near the house and across the road in Jerry's field. We learned to watch the road, especially at twilight, for deer crossing. Lots of friends had stories about hitting deer, sometimes quite near downtown Dells. In all that time, however, we escaped unscathed. There had been a couple of close calls, but we had always managed to avoid a cervine collision.

Last night about seven o'clock, ten days after our move to the city, a deer ran into the side of the Equinox as Tom was driving about a mile from the apartment. Fortunately the deer hopped back up and bounded away, apparently not seriously injured.  We were not hurt, either, but the front driver's side fender was damaged. No signs of blood or fur, I am glad to say. Today we will take the car to a shop certified by our insurer to get an estimate for the cost of repairs and make an appointment to get that done. The damage looks slight; I imagine the cost will not be.

"Tom and Michael got run over by a reindeer,
Returning home from Madison last night ..."

Not so funny.


Mitchell is Moving said...

You may think there's no such thing as Santa. But as for Tom and Michael, they believe. I've never had this experience and I'm so glad yours was relatively minor. Some of our extended family have had more deadly (for the deer) encounters than I can remember. Even a moose across the windshield. Truly scary.

Ur-spo said...

oh deer !