Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's happenin'?

1) I slept later this morning, mainly by ignoring Sundance's murmuring and yowling -- all this after I had given the cats treats around three and Tom gave them tuna around four and I gave them the Fancy Feast (and Sundance her thyroid meds) at five. Periodically after that she would wander into my room and start muttering loudly, prowling in and out of the closet or under and around the bed. Usually I give up and get up, but today I decided to see how long she would keep at it. After five or ten minutes she left and I dozed off. Half an hour later we went through it again: murmur, prowl, yowl, ignore, depart and doze. We went through the cycle one more time before I surrendered to the inevitable and got up a few minutes after seven. These short dozes are filled with dreams, I note in passing, but I will not plague you with details.

2) I did my hour-plus on the treadmill while watching a History Channel series on ancient texts "banned from the Bible." A typically hyperbolic/misleading title for a program. I had heard it all before and seen most of the series before, but it passed the time. I am upping the incline on the treadmill as well as my speed and trying to maintain my heartbeat at the aerobic/cardio level. 

3) When I got back to the apartment, there was a call from the car dealership saying my tires were in already. The friendly service adviser/Kindle fan thought the weather might delay them, but such was not the case. So I made an appointment for seven-thirty tomorrow morning to get tires installed and aligned. Tom will go along in the truck to give me a ride home because this is about a three-hour job. At least we don't expect to fight snow or slush, and we can do some grocery shopping on the way back to the apartment.

4) I had an e-mail from the woman who coordinates the volunteers at the Sun Prairie Library and called her to set up an appointment next week for orientation. It has been an appointment-setting day.

5) After lunch and a short snooze, I went to Starbucks -- there are two locations about a mile and a quarter from us -- and did some writing. That went well and I think I have the missing-reappearing character problem solved. Moving right along.

Sundance just came prowling and yowling into the study, seeking consolation of some sort. As all of you writers know, even though I write, I can't risk quitting my day job. So I have to see what she wants.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

I will no longer complain about Moose waking us (well, Jerry) up at 5 for fresh food and treats. However, once he starts complaining, he doesn't stop until he's served. Now I'm suddenly in the mood for a Starbuck's lemon loaf, and we don't have Starbucks! Fortunately, I DO have a basket filled with traditional Spanish baked goods!