Monday, September 14, 2015

Bounce back

Is one ever above the weather? If I was a bit under the weather yesterday, today I am a bit above. Not flying high by any means, but definitely better. 

I did my 87 minutes on the treadmill this morning, came home and did laundry and some housecleaning, took some things to the library, came back home and took a walk (not a flight) along the road with a fuzzy white caterpillar while listening -- me, not the caterpillar -- to a lecture on  Buddhism. 

I tried to identify the caterpillar online, but none of the pictures looked exactly like the one with whom I spent half an hour, although many were similar. This photo gives you an idea. It was interesting to be listening to Buddhists talking about being transformed while wandering up and down the road, passing and re-passing a little creature that appeared to be wandering as aimlessly as I was and that would someday, perhaps, be transformed into something quite different in appearance. Perhaps it too had a small tablet tucked away under all those legs with earbuds pumping eternal wisdom into its brain, giving it hope that a more colorful life lies ahead when it will sprout wings and soar.

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