Sunday, September 13, 2015

Under the weather

Actually, today the weather has been sunny and cool -- 55 to 69 (12.7 to 20.6 C) -- , nothing at all like that image of impressive clouds. But I woke up in the night with a slight headache, and despite taking something for it this morning, it has returned this afternoon. I am also a little achy about the joints but no other symptoms -- no cough, no sore throat, no fever. I rested quite a bit and may stay in tonight rather than go into town for a meeting. With luck and a good night's sleep, maybe things will be better tomorrow so that I can go to the gym and sweat out whatever remains.

I saw somewhere that if one is coming down with a cold, mindfulness will help. But I'd rather not think about it! 

This was supposed to be the first of two track weeks this month -- weeks when Tom and John get a crew that comes in and helps with the heavy labor of working on the track at the little railroad, replacing ties and things of that nature. Unfortunately the woman who supervises the crew called yesterday morning and a family crisis has forced her to cancel this week. Tom and John did a bit of work today that did not endanger their backs, and John may come back late in the week to do a bit more. Then they have to wait and see if they will have the crew in two weeks. If not, there goes the heavy track work for the season. The crews have to be scheduled way in advance and if weather or other things prevent them from working, the time cannot be rescheduled until next spring.

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