Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update on Peter: Part 2

Peter called this morning and talked to Tom while they were prepping him for surgery. He was lucid and pretty clear, given that he was on pain meds. He is now (mid-afternoon) out of surgery, and his girlfriend just called to give us the report. Things seem to have gone well. I imagine (with no justification whatsoever, of course!) that he is looking a bit like something Steampunk with his face all wired up and plates in place. 

It sounds like he was the victim of a hit and run, that he was rear-ended by one car and thrown into another car. The damage came from hitting the second car so hard. The car that hit him zoomed away and it sounds like no one got a license plate number or a description.

This will be the last update unless there is something substantial to tell. We will assume things will continue to go well, although the doctors say it will be some time before everything is back to normal.

Again, thanks for your prayers and thoughts!

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Ur-spo said...

I hope he mends well.