Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

When summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream, glides away.
~ Sarah Helen Whitman

I was thinking this morning about when I was first in school back in Texas. School started the day after Labor Day, and my family for several years in a row took advantage of the holiday to go to Houston, a long sixty miles away, to visit Hermann Park Zoo. I remember getting very excited when we went in, because there was a pool with seals right at the entrance way back in those days. It was a special trip and in my childish mind seemed like something we were supposed to do. I don't remember when we stopped going to the zoo on Labor Day, but I am sure I was unsettled for a while afterward. It had been the perfect cap to the joys of summer.

Hope your Labor Day is enjoyable, however you spend it, even if you do nothing at all. I do hope you got the day off from work, although I know that is not something one can depend on any more.

And finally, a big Thank You! to all the men and women whose labor makes our lives better and who seldom get the appreciation or recognition they deserve.


Anonymous said...

Labor day in on May 1st in all countries but the US because on that day Chicago workers were hanged in 1888,since the US will not aknowledge that attrocity, Labor Day falls on an entirely different day and month.

Anonymous said...

For me Houston is related to cancer /lots of onclogists there, and good ones. But I do not have good memories of that city;the city of oil tycoons.

Michael Dodd said...

Pope Pius XII instituted May 1 as a feast of St. Joseph the Worker to counter the Communist celebration of Labor Day with a Christian one. Sadly today, American bishops have sole out to the Republican Party and have cast aside the traditional Catholic concern for the needs of the workers and their families. I wonder how St. Joseph feels about that?